Police Ride-Along

Our first call was to Chase St and Greenmount Ave.  It was a CDS call:  drug dealing.  Two black men, ages 45 and 50.  This is not a priority one call and therefore no sirens and lights. 

My officer is in his first year.  He wants to be known as the officer who can be trusted.  Yesterday he worked overtime and played football with the kids and brought them refreshments.  He seems to be typical of most of the officers whom I have met.

The riots made things worse.  People feel that they can do what they want and not go to jail.  If they do go to jail, they are out soon.

The officer pointed to two men who work in the water main and said that they are hard workers.  In a water main, the temperature is 150 degrees in the hole.

We drove through Old Town Mall which started in around 1890 and it really kicked off in the 1920s.  This was the place to be.  In the 50s and 60s 40,000 people left Baltimore during the “white flight.”  Many minorities moved here because it was cheaper.

We had a call to the 2200 block of Homewood.  It was a destruction of property.  Three other officers were already there.  When we arrived, a woman was sitting in front and she noticed that I was limping, so she moved so that I can use the rail to enter the house.

We received a call of a bouncing house in the alley on Beryl Street, just two blocks from my house.  The officer called his sergeant who said that they can keep it.  We wish the three-year old happy birthday and I said that I hope that he will grow up to be as old as I am.  The officer helped them to put up a tape so that people can see it.  We do not understand why somebody complained.  It was obvious to the people that the officer cared about them.  We want people to enjoy living here.  This call was just three blocks from my house and I did not know the name of the street.  I do now.

We made a car stop because there was no front tag on the vehicle.  We stopped it at Eager and Lakewood.  The driver said that the car was hit and the tag came loose.  Everything has been reported to DMV.  So he was fine.  But we had to give him a citizen contract form.    We also did a tag check of the vehicle and ID check of both the driver and passenger. 

We had a call for kids just being kids on Jefferson Street.  Another officer responded at the same time.

We went to Mi Casa where I ordered lunch on the advise of the officer Dandy recommended them.  The people were really nice.   I order a fish sub.

We responded with code 1 to a foot chase.  Five vehicles and four officers were there and later another vehicle arrived with four more officers.  I put my lunch on hold until we cleared the call.

We “sat in the box” at Darley and Aiken.  “To sit in the box” is to sit at a corner and watch.

While there four kids came up to us and asked me if I were a police officer.  I told them that I'm with a church. 

This is a concrete jungle because when people finish eating, they just throw their food on the streets as they would if they were in the woods.  One guy droped a wrapper and another just threw down three empty potato chip bags onto the street.

Some kid on a bike ran into a police car sitting next to us.  The police officer said on the loud speaker, “That was awesome.”

Around 18:00 we arrived back at the District.  He returned to the car at 18:58.  We passed a very nice pool on the way back.

When the first got out of the Academy, an entire class walked on foot here and the people hated them.  This was at Aiken and Darley.

The officer wishes that the kids here were like the kids yesterday in the 2700 block of Ashland Avenue.  He said that I would love them.

There was a parade of seven vehicles in the area but lights but no sires.  They were here to keep the people at bay.

Several kids came over to the car and asked me “Who is you?”  When I told them that I am a chaplain, some of them did not understand.  They never go to church.  One kid did not know why we celebrate the Fourth of July.

One man told his little girl, “It's 8:00, time go to in the house.”  I indicated to him my approval and he appreciated it.

At 2013 we drive around the block and returned.  We had walked around the area and saw many homes which were decorated for Independence Day.  Most people were very friendly to us.  A woman was preaching outside but we avoided that.  Afterward we heard dancing from there.

Around 21:00 a fire work went off.  We heard the blast and saw the remnant from the car.  Other officers heard the blast also.  Windows in the back of two houses were blown out.

One woman claimed that the officer was not doing his job, but he did exactly what he should had done.  Six cars and at least ten officers responded.  No windows were blown out in the house on the other side of the alley.  A woman said that she is 60 years old and she knows fire works.  Another officer on the scene suggested calling the bomb squad.  We contacted our DDU and they said to contact the bomb unit.  When the group first came, one officer told us not to go into the back because if there is one bomb, there might be two.

The incident occurred around 21:00.  We did not leave until around 00:30.  Most of the time was spent waiting for Arson and then the Bomb Unit.  If it goes off, it is the jurisdiction of Arson.  If it does not go off, it is the jurisdiction of the Bomb Unit.

Many people in the area are afraid to go out of their homes.  The woman whose windows were shattered by the blast said that she is going to move.  I was really pleased to see the number of houses which were decorated for the holiday.

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