Police Ride-along

When my officer arrived at the Eastern District, we had a drug call but we did not see the suspect.  As we drove around, I mentioned to the officer my pet peeves of cars parked at bus stops.  This has become a major issue with me this year.  We saw a car standing at the bus stop right in the middle of the zone.  The officer asked her to move the car.  We saw another car parked at a bus stop and when the officer got out of the car to check on it, the car drove away.

We had a warrant for an arrest and we went to pick up the suspect.  We had to wait for a van to transport him.  He was on parole and had to report to the Detention Center on weekends.  He accidentally brought a box cutter there.  While the van was transporting him, we went to Headquarters to pick up the actual warrant.  When we went to Central Bookings the officer at the gate would not allow me to enter since he did not know about the chaplain movement and neither did the captain.  So I had to wait outside and the officer outside was rather rude.  Most of the COs are really professional and nice.  This was an exception.

We later answered a call on North Patterson Park Avenue where somebody entered a house during the night and stole all the electrical wires. 

This was a relatively short day for me, about three and a half hours.  Normally I do eight to ten hours.  If the chemistry is good and we are busy, I will stay longer.


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