Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is a wonderful experience.On Tuesday 3 October 2017 Chief Rodney Hill talked about the Office of Professional Responsibility, which is really Internal Affairs.

The division is divided into three sections:  Internal Affairs, Command and Investigation Section, and Equal Opportunity and Diversity Section.

Internal Affairs is broken into five separate areas.  There are four squads in General Investigation.  They handle excessive force, allegation of theft, and general misconduct.

Ethics does surveillance and have serious criminal misconduct.  The Federal Task Force does public corruption.  They do the arrest of police officers.  The newest unit is the Body Worn Camera unit, accidents, and pursuits.  We started seeing an uptake of pursuits.  They handle the investigation of pursuits.  We have five lieutenants in that section.

Sgt. Joshua Rosenblatt talked about legal training.  He used to be an assistant state attorney and became a police officer so that he can see what he has been reading.  He is a "law nerd."  The Maryland Charging Manual is 457 pages long.  In Baltimore it is a crime to throw a bale of hay out of the second floor window.

Detectives Philip Smith and Mike Miller talked about gangs.  Do not put so much information on Social Media.  For example, do not tell your schedule. Also, do not research gangs from your home computer. 


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Chief Rodney Hill

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Sgt. Joshua Rosenblatt

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