Southeastern District

It is good to see that the Baltimore Police Department is concerned about the welfare of their officers.

While waiting for the police, I usually engage the community.  Curt likes what I am doing and he wants a gate in the alley.  Another man is willing to put some money towards it.  The City wants a $250 application fee and then we have to buy the gate.  It will be a security gate.

When I do a ride-along, often I also get some history lessons.  There is a fantastic German bakery on Bank Street about a block from the library and it is one of the three oldest bakeries in the City.  All three were started around the same time.

We arrived at the District at 11:25 and they were having a wellness fair for the officers.  The food was from Jimmy's Famous Seafood on Holibird Avenue.  The BPD's Officer Safety and Wellness Section, headed by Sgt. C. Sullivan, emphases physical fitness, mental health, and financial wellness for the officers.  An episode on Blue Bloods highlighted the importance of the physical fitness when an officer was unable to run up the three flights of stairs after a suspect and his inability could had caused his partner great harm.  While on duty with the DC Army National Guard back in the early 1980s I learned that fire fighters have to be a great shape.  I was a photojournalist for them.

At the 7-11 the officer tried to help a woman to get her car open but they were unsuccessful.  There were a teenager and a toddler with the woman.  I advised the teenager to go into the store with the toddler and wait there, out of the heat.

Some of our police cars have tag readers and they are our third most efficient tool.  They can be set up to filter certain types of tags, e.g., stolen cars, etc.

The previous week we had a call for an overdose.  It was changed to a sick call.  A man there had noting but erroneous bad things to say about the police, but by the end of our conversation his attitude changed.  Thank God that the women on the scene were very positive.

Later that day we had a homicide threat.  The citizen had a hit list and weapons at home.  The original call was a well-being check.  At least ten officers responded and the traffic was diverted on the two major streets adjacent to the side street where the action was. Two officers arrived with rifles.

A woman passed by and asked what was happening and when we told her, she said, "They're going to shot him."  I replied that if that were the case, they would ad done it by then.  After three hours, the man surrounded peacefully and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

While waiting for the police on another day, I said in Russian "TGIF" to a neighbor.  When I told him that it was Russian, he said, "That's a white language!  What abut Africa?"  I told him that it was not a language.  So he asked, "What about Nigeria?"  I told him that it also is not a language.  When I told him that I belong to the fastest growing religion in Nigeria, he told me to learn that language and I told him that I have no reason to do so.  I do not plan to go to Nigeria and it is important for me to be able to speak Russian.

Doing a ride-along with the police is very education and can be very interesting if you get the right officers.  I have had some really good ones. 

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