Holy Land Presentation

On Sunday 30 June 2019 Fr. John gave the first half of his presentation of our pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The luncheon was the type of food that we ate there.

When we arrived in Israel, we went to Jappa.  All cities there have fortresses.  Jappa goes back to the time of Jonah the prophet.

In the Holy Lands wood is a luxury.  That is why you often see porcelain and granite floor.

The Theotokos used to get water at the church of the spring.  It was there that we met up with the tour leader.  The basilica of the Annunciation is a Roman Catholic Church built on the spot of the Annunciation.  There is a small chapel in the basement and a large church upstairs.  There is an outdoor gallery outside showing how various countries depict the Mother of God.

Cana is not far from Nazareth.

People used to build a house and then a large well under the house.  They ran all of their rain gutters to go there.  They separated it throughout the year for ritual washing.

The Edict of Milan in 314 AD created protection for all religions.  St. Helen came to Jerusalem in the late 320s.

At one of the churches there is a pulpit at the west end.

Tiberia Tilopia is found only in Lake Tiberas.  On the fish there is a gold spot where the coin was that St. Peter used to pay the tax.

We went into a store at Hebron.  There Fr. John brought a box of dates for $10 and thought that he had a great deal.  A few minutes Larissa brought a similar box for only $5.  She knew how to barter.  The pita bread that we drank was made against slabs of stone, the real way.

On the same day we visited a church at Mamre where Abraham's oak is located.  There is a belief that when that oak dies, it will be the end of the world.  But there is a new growth there.

The monastery in Kedron has no electricity and the road was winding.  We arrived just as the monastery was closed to guests.  The caves are naturally made cavers and the monks live there in the caves.

On Friday morning we attended the Liturgy of the Presancitifed Gifts at the spot where Jesus was born.  The door into the church is low, intentionally to keep out horses.  At Communion time people had to go upstairs to the big church to receive.  Priests and deacons received downstairs.  At the last minute we received the blessing from the bishop who was present and vested.

You need good walking shoes for this trip.  Thank God I just received a pair from the V.A. the previous week and had a few days to get used to them.

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