Orthodox Churches

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church - my parish. We are located in East Baltimore at 1723 East Fairmount Avenue. Vespers or Vigil is every Saturday at 18:00 at our chapel in Elkridge and Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10:00 at the main temple.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral - my first service as a resident of Baltimore was at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in 1993. It was Ascension Thursday and I had finished moving everything from my van into my apartment and arranged for utilities. There was still an hour or so before Liturgy so I wandered over to the Cathedral and was invited to serve.

Holy Cross Orthodox Church - I first visited Holy Cross when they were just a mission parish and worshipping in rented quarters. What a wonderful privilege it was for me to help them move into their new home on my birthday several years ago and later to help consecrate the temple. Holy Cross is my home away from home.

Four Evangelists Orthodox Misson - My first visit to Four Evangelists was for their first picnic. I have also been requested to serve with Archbishop Anthony on several occasions. Two years ago I went there for Christmas as my parish is on the old calendar and I wanted to be sure to celebrate this great feast.

Orthodox Church in America. From my conversion to Orthodoxy in 1973 until I left St. Andrew Church late last century, I was a member of the OCA. Most of my friends who are priests are in the OCA. I visit their page to get the reading for the day in a language that makes good sense to me and to see what my friends are doing.

Since every Bishop is supposed to have a cathedral, Saint Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral is mine.  It is my home.  I'm originally from Washington DC and when I went to the seminary between 1988 and 1992, the cathedral paid $1,000 a semester for my seminary education. 


Civil Organizations

My neighborhood association is The Seton Hill Neighborhood Association, "walking distance to the rest of the world." It is one of Baltimore's best kept secrets.


Professional Organizations

WordPerfect Baltimore Users Group - We meet on the first Monday of every month. We discuss topics relating to WordPerfect Office Suite and other products of Corel.



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